About Us

Celebration Drinks are a wholesale alcohol supplier of sparkling drinks lines, based in the UK.   We have a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to order directly from us.  We supply across the UK and Europe.

Alcoholic drinks, such as our Charlemagne sparkling perry, can be ordered on a minimum ¼ pallet.  A perfect drink to supply at large events and parties.

Our outstanding range of Non-alcoholic Sparkling drinks, such as Flemish Castle are excellent for big and small parties and events, catering for special requests from guests, or for a younger audience, where they are especially popular for Proms.

Over 25 years of experience has enabled Celebration Drinks to supply to both major and small businesses, such as retail stores, nightclubs and limousine services. We supply a range of perry wine, including Charlemagne,  as well as our popular alcohol-free sparkling grape juice, Flemish Castle.

If you would like to know more about what wholesale drinks are available for your business, browse our latest product range.
You can enquire directly from us via our contact forms or call us now for a direct quote.


What we offer

Free Collection

We also offer free collection if you are nearby or you are able to arrange your own transport to pick up orders.

Price Quote

Ordering from us to simple. Contact us regarding what product you wish to purchase and your postcode. We will then tailor a price quote for you.

High Quality Products

Our products can be found through many on and off trade businesses, with both returning and new customers coming to us on a frequent basis.


What is perry?

Our alcoholic range specialises in sparkling perry drinks. Perry is made from pears specifically grown to create the popular drink. Our alcoholic range includes two different perry drinks: Charlemagne and Charmaine. In comparison to other sparkling drinks, our range of perries have a distinctive sharp but sweet taste.

With perry trees producing throughout their lifespan of up to 200 years, our specialist drink will always be readily available!

Along with its clean, crisp, and slightly sweet flavours, perry is popular across a wide market. Appealing to a wide range of clientele, it’s an excellent alternative to many of the other high priced sparkling drinks available.

View our range of alcoholic range of sparkling perries.